Hi, my name is


I am a full-stack software engineer.

About Me

I’ve been passionate about developing software for more than twenty years – wasn’t it in the 90’s when Microsoft introduced VBA and Borland Delphi got popular? Ever since, I’ve learnt a lot about software architecture and applied quite a few programming languages: loved them, hated them, came to appreciate them.

I’ve been working in various projects with different technologies across the full stack: The language details are of course different and sometimes even peculiar but the general principles remain the same, and writing clean and maintainable code has always been the yardstick of good engineering for me. I am a quick learner and occasionally pursue development tasks outside my regular job.

In my leisure time I enjoy reading, playing the piano, going to the opera and playing some chess. Besides, I’m aiming for a sustainable work-life-balance, so I can spend enough time with friends and family ❤️.

Personal Side Projects

  • King’s Cross

    iOS-App to manage and train chess openings.

    An iPad and iPhone running King’s Cross simultaneously

    When I got my first iPhone, I wanted to know how to write apps for it. I was also curious about Swift which had just been recommended by Apple as a programming language for new apps. As an amateur but ambitious chess player, I implemented King’s Cross as a way to manage my opening repertoire.

    The app is available on the Apple App Store with quite favourable reviews.
    The website is written in React (Next.js): kingscross‑app.com.

  • Dictionary → Anki

    Website to scrape the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and to create flashcards for Anki.

    An iPad and iPhone running King’s Cross simultaneously

    I’ve started this website because I wanted to have a convenient way of adding English vocabulary cards to my Anki deck. (Anki is an open-source flashcard program using spaced repetition which helps me remember anything I want.) I really enjoy the English language and whenever I come across a word I like or a sentence in a book I want to remember, I add it to my Anki deck.

    The website is, for no particular reason, written in Angular: dict‑anki.vercel.app (it’s not responsive because it isn’t meant to be used on a mobile device anyway 🫣).


Want to get in touch? Drop me a line at me@andreaskienle.de.